Three-Minute Fiction FAQ, if You're interested in Having Your Story Published

Q-1) Who can submit a story?

This book (3MF Stories) is specifically for individuals that submitted a story to NPR Three-Minute Fiction contest.

Q-2) Can I submit a story that was not in one of the NPR contests?

No, not in this book. If you have a book you think people would be interested in, contact us and pitch the idea. We are open to publishing additional books.

Q-3) Do I have to pay to be in the book?

No, we are publishing this book as an experiment (and because I was going to publish my stories anyway) and as a way for authors to freely distribute a small sample of their work. And as a bonus if you have the rights to photography or illustrations for your story they to can receive free publishing.

Q-4) Will I receive royalties?

No, at present we are not charging any money for the book through iTunes, thus we have no money to pay out. We are charging a nominal fee through Amazon & Barnes, simple because they will NOT allow the book to be free. It cost us time and money to create audio recordings, photography, editing, design, setup, ISBN numbers, web hosting and other regular business cost.

Q-5) Do you hold my publishing rights?

No and Yes. We do have limited rights to publish your story, but we do not have exclusive rights.

Q-6) Do you proof and spell check?

NO, we are an "AS IS" kinda publisher. I would do more harm to your work than good if I were to spell check it. I am by trade a designer and I was once told "Any designer worth his salt can not spell". Well I'm worth my salt.

Q-7) Do I have to send a recording of my story?

No, we would prefer you send a recording of your story to take advantage of the multi-media format, but it is not required. You can request us to make an audio recording and if we have time we will. Either way, there is no charge.

Q-8) Do I have to supply a photo or artwork with my story?

No, we will try to supply original photos or illustrations for use with each story as time permits us.

Q-9) Can I use artwork or photos from the web?

NO, NO and no. This book is for original work only. If you submit photos and artwork that is not yours and that you do not have the rights for, you are breaking the terms of agreement.

Q-10) Can I submit art or photos from a friend?

ONLY, if you have their written permission and give the artist-photographer credit.

Q-11) Can I publish my story in another book or anywhere else?

Yes, we are publishing this book to help authors get noticed.

Q-12) Can I put a link to the book on my blog or site?

Yes, we can provide you with an icon and link to post.

Q-13) Can I put a link to a book I am selling or to my blog or site?

Yes, if you provide us with a link, we will add it to your "About the Author" section at the end of the story. We will check all links prior to submitting the book.

Q-14) Where is the book being published?

We first started by creating a "Made for iBooks" version. This is a free download that has more content, audio and a nicer interface. We then created the book as an EEB (Enhanced Electronic Book). The formatting is not as nice but it can be viewed on more devices, such as all iPads and most iPhones. We have also created a standard ePub that is available from Amazon for the Kindle series of readers and on Barnes & Nobles site for the Nook. Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble do NOT allow us to give the book away for free.

Q-15) Are you a real publisher?

No and YES. It greatly depends on your definition of a publisher. I'm a guy working in his basement that has written and published a childrens' book on Amazon, iTunes, and  Barnes & Noble. I am a designer, illustrator and photographer that has created content and print materials for clients for more than 25 years, so I know my way around the industry. I have a particular set of skills that make me useful to authors, and I like dabbaling in writing also. Maybe I'm the new kind of publisher, one that is more of an enabler. Check out some of our illustrations, art, video and other artwork, or just see if we are indeed worth our salt as designers.