about the author and why we built the site Three Minute Fiction

The image above pretty much describes me. As a youngster, I was adventurous, carefree and daring as the picture on the right indicates. That was about 10 years ago on my second ski trip to Lake Tahoe. And yes I landed it perfectly... right, not even close. But man that was fun. As for the picture on the left, I really liked being a kid, maybe that's why my first story was for children. The Infinite Village which it available as a basic epub on iTunes as a free download.

I've know from early on I would create for a living. Starting in kindergarden when I opened my first box of Crayolas, I still remember that fresh waxy smell combined with the cardboard box. From that point on I started drawing for enjoyment. I continued to draw throughout my high school years and found I could make a living by drawing.

In 1986 I started a graphic design firm, BeOriginal and got back to illustrating, photography and design. BeOriginal is what pays the bills, that way I can play with Three-Minute Fiction and B2PUB.com.

In 2010 I published a story I created some 24 years ago. I use to make up stories to keep my two sons occupied. Those were the first stories and characters I began to write about.