Three-Minute Fiction (3MF) is a Book that provides Authors a Place to Showcase their stories from NPR's Three-Minute Fiction Contest.

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 Round 10 - Leave A Message After The Beep

Coyote Daddy - by Dana Schumacher
This is Your Dr Calling - by Dan Hodson
Just A Solicitor - by Barry Brimer

 Round 9 - Pick A President

Of Good Intentions - by Barry Brimer
Habeas Corpus - by Dana Schumacher
Presidential Material by Cathy Johnson

 Round 8 - She Closed The Book

Serene Havoc - by Barry Brimer
A Modicum of Purpose - by Dana Schumacher
The Passage - by Daniel Hodson
The Space Between by Meg Heimovics Kumin

 Round 7 - Arriving and Leaving

The Quality of Laughter - by Dana Schumacher

 Round 5 - Swore The House was Haunted

A Few Inches Off the Bottom by Dana Schumacher
Liberation by Norreida Reyes


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