Three-Minute Fiction


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Look like we will be changing the site soon. NPR's Three Minute Fiction Contest is no more.

--Below is what we were setting-up last year. But when NPR stopped their contest, the interest died. Now we are in the process of changing the direction of out site.

This book "3MF" and site is being provided as an additional avenue for those that submitted a story to NPR's Three-Minute Fiction contest. It is specifically for the stories that were not published to NPR's site and did not get recognized, we are offering to publish those stories.

We are offering to publish stories from the NPR's contest Three-Minute Fiction, that were not posted to their site or did not win. Why? I have been submitting stories since round 8 and have seen many good short stories that I thought were worth sharing. After each round in the contest, many people want to share their stories and read the ones that were not chosen. The fact that many authors and wana be authors like myself are writing based on the exact same subject with the same constraints lays a good foundation for comparison.  I think it is a good way of gauging where I stand in my writing abilities in comparison to others. I am able to see what things I should work on in my own writing, whether it is imagination, story development or basic structure, I find the comparison helpful.

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