The Infinite Village A Children's Book is Available on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites

The Infinite Village is a childrens' book I (Wm Barry Brimer) wrote and published in June of 2011. The story was inspired by my two boys some 24 years ago. I would listen to NPRs classical music in the car while waiting on my wife to finish the grocery shopping. Sitting in the car I would make up stories on the fly to entertain the boys. In 2010, I decided to write this one, The Infinite Village down in the form of a rhythmic story. It took about a year to get the initial ePub together and up on iTune, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The publisher is B2Pub.

At present the standard ePub of this book is FREE on iTunes, but is .99 on Amazon, and .99 on Barnes and Nobel site ( Amazon and B&N require you to set a minimum price). Above are a few of the character illustrations we are working on to have in the upcoming EEB (enhanced epub book). We still have a way to go in developing the artwork and illustration.

In the mean time, we want to give you free stuff from the book. A large full color drawing for your desktop or a Color page from one of the characters in the book. Just click (or right click) on the image and it will download. The image is of the main character and his home planet. The smaller image is for downloading and coloring. It's a baby Froobarr.